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You need sales people to be as effective as they can be.

Orders = Cash!

I have been in sales for over 30 years and been delivering ‘sales improvement’ courses 25+ years so I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience

I have taken a particular interest in the art, science and psychology of selling, which I share by training and coaching teams and individuals.

I can work with you so that:

  • Your sales individuals and teams become more structured and professional
  • Conversion rates improve significantly
  • You have a robust sales strategy going forward
  • Customer loyalty and retention is enhanced
  • Revenues and profits improve
  • Selling becomes enjoyable

You will learn how to convert more of those opportunities into orders.
How to turn a NO into a YES and how to prevent a NO in the first place!

So whether you are new to sales or have people who would benefit from a refresher, this is the place for you!

Oh, and if you need a short-term interim sales leader then again get in touch. There is nothing worse than a leaderless rabble of sales people! 🙂


Interim Sales Leadership

Flexible Sales Leadership That Works For Your Business

Sales LeadershipDo you need to fill a Sales Director or Head of Sales vacancy due to an unexpected resignation and know it’s going to take several months to get someone in place? – Remember there is nothing worse than a leaderless rabble of sales people!

Are you in the process of restructuring and need someone to ‘hold the reins’ whilst long term decisions are made?

Do have concerns about your current sales set up and would appreciate some advice on what to do next before committing to wholesale changes?

Is yours a developing business without a dedicated sales function but are at the stage in your expansion that increasing sales is now key but you don’t want to take that huge step of permanently employing someone?

Is sales just not your forte and you would appreciate a more specialist opinion?

The role of sales people in an organisation has never been more demanding. Sales has been going through a significant transition as the lines between marketing and sales continue to get more blurred, technology and better data enables increased efficiency and accuracy, and the role of the sales person is moving towards being a consultant and advisor to buyers.

I have a proven track record in Sales Leadership, Business Development and Account Management gained from diverse organisations from ‘blue chip’ to smaller, more personal companies and as an outsourced interim sales leader I can use my 30+ years of experience to come into your business and address any of the above.

I work with business owners whose business has grown beyond their own capacity to continue as the sales team leader but who are unsure of finding, hiring and managing a full-time replacement.

I also work with established sales organisations that are in a transitional stage of growth or leadership and need a seasoned sales leader to assess the current situation and bring sales best practices into the organization.

I can lead and develop sales teams, delivering results from day one and continue to deliver over the duration of the assignment until I exit the business. The results achieved often allow businesses to reap benefits long after my departure.

With interim sales leadership, you get all the functions of a Sales Director/Manager at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Sales Improvement

Sales Improvement Solutions That Work For Your Business

Sales ImprovementFew aspects of any organisation are as measurable as sales performance – which is why it is under constant examination. Poor performance must be addressed immediately.

Is your sales team underperforming but not sure why?

Do have concerns about your current sales set up but don’t want to commit to wholesale changes?

Is yours a developing business without a dedicated sales function but are at the stage in your expansion that increasing sales is now key but you don’t want to take that huge step of permanently employing someone?

Is sales not your forte and you would appreciate a more specialist opinion?

Are you struggling to retain clients and get new ones?

From a training and coaching perspective what I won’t do is spout gobbledygook from some ivory towered research institute about how to improve sales and delivered by people who have never been out there and done it.

What I will do is use my practical sales and management experience gained over 30 years in a number of market sectors involving products and services to assist your individuals/teams/organisation become better at selling!

I have a consistent record of improving individuals and teams to achieve strong revenue & margin performance.

I can come in on a short- term basis and carry out an evaluation and make recommendations. You may then wish to implement these yourself or retain me to complete the transformation exercise.

I’ll work with you so that:

  • Your sales individuals and teams become more structured and professional.
  • Conversion rates improve significantly.
  • You have a robust sales strategy going forward.
  • Customer loyalty and retention is enhanced.
  • Revenues and profits improve.
  • Selling becomes enjoyable.

I’ll help you increase sales by developing new customers. We will also maximise business from existing clients by creating more than loyalty, together we’ll produce enthused fans that have; understanding, preference, advocacy and loyalty for your business.

Most of all I’ll help you build lasting relationships with clients that are profitable.

What Our Customers Have Said About Us

“I have been lucky enough to see Ian speak at a few events and networking meetings so knew that he could hold an audience, knows what he is talking about and delivers with charisma but for my sales training I needed something on a one to one basis that was specific to my business. Ian did not disappoint, He took the time to understand my requirements both from the business perspective and personal for both myself and my colleague.

Ian tailored the course for us and made sure it was relevant. He is very thorough and even though there were standard selling tools and tips he shared, it did not feel like he was reading from a textbook, and it was a fun session which is always a bonus. He clearly is passionate about sales and supporting the development of people.

Thanks Ian”

Heather Broadhurst

Sales Courses Available

There are three ‘standard’ courses:

Essential Sales Skills

This covers all of the essential knowledge and strategies to make someone into a more effective sales person. It covers all aspects of the sales process from initial contact to closing and objection handling.

It is aimed at those participants who are required to sell to customers and prospects on a day to day basis, whether they be new to selling or requiring a ‘refresher’.

Advanced Selling Skills

This is aimed at those with some level of sales experience and looks to ensure good practice is embedded. In addition it covers ‘The Psychology of the Sales Process’ which looks at why people do things and don’t, how to change people’s minds and associated communication styles. Amongst other things it also covers strategy development, account management, time management, negotiating skills and presentation do’s and don’ts.

Sales Management

This covers all aspects of a sales manager’s role including staff selection, ‘How to Manage a Team’, coaching styles, performance management, personal development and sales psychology etc.

It is a ‘must do’ for new sales managers and is also of great value to more experienced sales managers who may never have had any formal training.

Course lengths are flexible depending upon requirements and budgets. They can be open to delegates from various organisations or just be for specific businesses.

For the latter however I would normally look to create a completely bespoke sales training programme for the team/organisation which is tailored to meet the specific needs of that business. This involves a 6 stage process:

  1. Initial Training Needs Analysis, including staff observations.
  2. Meetings with the key decision makers to share observations and initial thoughts as to the way forward.
  3. Training delivery
  4. Observing staff in action to ensure that learning is being implemented.
  5. Follow up session with decision makers to get their feedback on the process and the outcomes.
  6. Ongoing coaching

Evidence suggests that however good and motivating training is, clients who simply attend a ‘one-off’ training session often fail to take the action required for them to get the results they want.

I therefore recommend a follow up ‘coaching’ programme to ensure learning and good practice is embedded and to enable feedback and refinement as required.

This can take the form of sessions with appointed ‘champions’, whole group sessions or a combination of both.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you to improve sales performance which ultimately means more orders and more money coming in!

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