Introducing Ian J Preston...

LinkedIn and Sales Trainer and Coach - Keynote Speaker - School Governance Consultant

About IJP Consultancy

IJP Consultancy provides training and coaching services designed to improve business and personal performance.

It was established to share good practice gained from over 30 years in business and help you be more efficient and achieve your goals.

We do this using a variety of delivery models to suit your availability, budget and learning style, which will make you and your business more successful in the following ways.

  • Attracting and engaging with better quality prospects and key people in your market.
  • Increasing your visibility and credibility.
  • Making even more sales.
  • Working more effectively and efficiently.

We help individuals and businesses how to use LinkedIn more effectively to generate more quality opportunities.

LinkedIn is a massively underutilised marketing resource which, if used in the right way can get you straight to key decision makers quickly and effectively, missing out the ‘gatekeepers’ along the way.

We also specialise in Sales Skills training. How to convert more of those opportunities into orders.

How to turn a NO into a YES and how to prevent a NO in the first place! What to say when someone says “It’s too expensive”

Services include:

  • Sales and marketing improvement;
  • Interim sales leadership;
  • Conference hosting;
  • Facilitation services;
  • Keynote speaking;
  • Education leadership and governance;
  • Business coaching – Find out what is stopping your business being more profitable!
  • Personal coaching – Find out what’s holding you back personally. Feel special again!

About Ian Preston

Ian Preston portraitI am passionate about ‘Coaching People to be Better’. It frustrates me when I see things that could be so much better—quite often simple ideas that can be easily implemented and have a massive effect on you and your business.

I started in sales in the mid-eighties when no-one had heard of CRMs or Sat-Navs. Back then it was Rolodex cards and a box full of street maps!

I paid my dues by pounding the industrial estates of the Midlands for a company that no-one had ever heard of, but they soon did!

I treated this as my apprenticeship and moved on, after a couple of years, to a blue chip company who really invested in training their sales people and it was here, over a number of years, that I really learned about the art, science and psychology of selling.

I read extensively and attended seminars by the greats of the selling world, including Tom Peters and Robin Fielder.

I enjoy putting into practice what I have learned and I still have a great desire to improve my skills and to help others do the same. This is why I take great pleasure in sharing this knowledge through training and coaching others and leading sales teams on an interim basis. It still gives me a buzz to see excellent sales technique in action.

My second great passion is school governance. Whilst my children were growing up I became a school governor, firstly at a primary school where I was Chair of Governors for 6 years, and then at a high school where I was Chair of the Personnel Committee for 16 years.

Both schools achieved ‘Outstanding’ status during my tenure, with the high school subsequently converting to an Academy.

Now, utilising that experience, I provide training and support services to governors and others associated with education to help them drive improvement in schools. I do this with great joy and enthusiasm as there can be no greater investment of time and money than in the education of young people.

I really do love helping people and businesses to grow and prosper. So if you want to invest in your own self-development, and that of your staff then please get in touch and let me help add value to you and your business.

Definition of HopeIf you think you don’t need help, or rather you ‘hope’ you don’t, then remember my definition of HOPE is …

Hapless Optimism Preventing Excellence!