I speak regularly at events about marketing in general and LinkedIn in particular.

One of the questions I regularly ask the audience is,
“Who here gets word of mouth referral business”
Followed by,
“Keep your hands up if that’s the easiest business to sell to”
“Keep your hands up, knowing you get that it’s the easiest business to sell to, if you have a consistent strategy in place to ask every single client for a referral”

It never ceases to amaze me that when I ask the 3rd question virtually all of the hands in the room that were initially up, come down. Funny that!

I delivered one of my open LinkedIn Workshops earlier in the week and yesterday I saw this posted on LinkedIn:

“Anyone who thinks they know how to use LinkedIn, who hasn’t been on one of Ian’s LinkedIn workshops, then think again! Ian is not only an exceptional trainer/public speaker, but his knowledge of LinkedIn and all of its powers is mind blowing! If you want to increase your sales and gain clients, then this workshop is for you. Thank you for a great informative afternoon Ian.”
Wow! How powerful is that!

A referral strategy is a way of introducing new customers to your business, for a low marketing cost. It’s a way of getting your existing customers to promote your business for you.
A way of getting them to introduce their family, friends and colleagues to your product or service without the hard sell.

So what makes a successful referral strategy?

There are a number of elements which, when combined, go to making up a successful strategy. From finding the right type of customer, to the strategy that best suits your type of business.

There are 2 things you need to understand above all else…

  1. Service…
    Your service must be extraordinary. Having good or even great service just won’t do. If you want people to refer their friends then make sure your service is first rate and frequently going beyond the expected.
  2. Your offer…
    If you don’t give people a good reason, a ‘What’s in it for me?’ your strategy will fail.

So you need a strategy that will bring you a constant stream of referrals and recommendations.

If you want to learn how to put a referral strategy into place that suits your business and how to implement it, then please get in touch.

3rd party testimonials sell – Go Get!

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