So you have an event coming up, doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, and you need a speaker. This person could make or break the event. You want people talking about it months later, for all the right reasons!

I have been speaking in public for years but this really came home to me recently when I attended an education conference and the closing speaker was a guy named David Cameron! Not the former Prime Minister but a guy who labels himself as ‘The Real David Cameron’. Boy was he in tune with his audience and gave great value in a number of ways, and people are still talking about it several months later.

However these things don’t happen by accident, so here are my ‘top tips’ to help ensure you get the best speaker experience:

  1. What knowledge do they have on the subject that you want them to speak on?
  2. Have you seen testimonials of clients or attendees that have seen and heard them speak? (Tip – Check out their LinkedIn profile)
  3. How detailed is their fact find of you when you speak with them?
    –  Do they ask you about your audience and what message /content/value you want them to deliver in their keynote?
  4. Do they send you a comprehensive “speaker booking form” to help them help you get the very best value from booking them?
  5. Do they ask about your organisation’s culture and the overall message or theme of your event?
  6. What physical “takeaways” do they offer to give your audience, such as documents, downloads, books, CD’s etc?
  7. How focussed on you and your audience are they compared to focussing on their           needs, fees, expenses etc?
  8. Can you speak with previous clients of theirs?
  9. Do they ask you about your event and offer suggestions that might help?
    – Like timings, sound and AV specifications, marketing.
  10. Do they offer to stay behind after their presentation to interact with your audience or are they just going to “grab their money and run?
  11. Do they offer any sort of follow up / contact or support for you or your audience?
  12. How confident are you that they will “under promise and over deliver”? 🙂

Hope these help.

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